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Winter Pinterest Photo Project – Sweet Caramelly Tarts

Hi everyone! Sorry I’m late! The past two days have been a mess of technical [...]


Pinterest Photo Project

I’ve been a loyal Young House Love reader for some time now and when I [...]


inspiring images: penny de los santos

{Reprint with permission by photographer Penny De Los Santos © 2010} Penny is so incredibly inspiring! [...]


inspiring images: wolfram kastl

{from the series Detriot by Wolfram Kastl}

inspiring images: simon thorpe

{Snow Patrole 1 by Simon Thorpe}

inspiring images: lizzy oppenheimer

{from the series Rest Stop by Lizzy Oppenheimer}

inspiring images: robert anthony derosa

{from the series A Walk Across Time by Robert Anthony Derosa} © Robert Anthony DeRosa [...]

inspiring images: kai-uwe gundlach

{from the series Electric Nature by Kai-Uwe Gundlach}

inspiring images: kotama bouabane

{From the series Melting Words by Kotama Bouabane}

inspiring images: darius kuzmickas

{D130 by Darius Kuzmickas}

inspiring images: steve deer

{Waterscape by Steve Deer}

inspiring images: michael wolf

{From the series Transparent City by Michael Wolf}

inspiring images: brusse

{Frenchkiss by Brusse}

handmade nation

Watch Handmade Nation. I did. Now I need a printing press, a sewing machine, and [...]

inspiring images: david cardoso

{Image by David Cardoso, Flickr}

inspiring images: david aldalur

{Lac de Leon by David Aldalur, Flickr}


inspiring images: frederic mottier

{Image by Frédéric Mottier}

inspiring images: james knight-smith

Exhale by James Knight-Smith

inspiring images: patrick bolton

Abandoned Pool by Patrick Bolton


inspiring images: faisal almalki

Mono Suspension by Faisal Almalki