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July 2014 Calendar

We spent last Friday night on the Ipperwash beach. First having our portraits made by the [...]


I’m Still

I’ve been experimenting with more abstract-ish colour at dawn, which is meaning even earlier mornings on [...]


Summer Lovers

In the height of last week’s heat wave I could be found on Ipperwash Beach [...]


Into The Unknown

It was way too early when the alarm went off at 3:15 am the morning [...]

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Summer’s Serenity

Summer’s Serenity, Seascape Photography Eeeek! I can’t believe I haven’t officially shared this photograph with [...]

Fine Art Landscape Photograph – Awake My Soul

Awake My Soul, Fine Art Landscape Photograph We’re delighted to share with you the third [...]

Beach Photograph – Secret Song

Secret Song, Beach Photograph I lingered on the beach in Bayfield one morning. How lucky [...]


Landscape Photograph – Emerge

Emerge, Fine Art Landscape Photograph We have just had a crazy week of making seascape [...]

Peaceful Seascape Photograph – Exhale

Exhale, Lake Huron Seascape Photograph, Ipperwash, Ontario, Canada, 2012 This mild spring has me on [...]

Minimalist Photography – Lake Huron #3

Lake Huron #3, Minimalist Photograph Back in November I made Ipperwash #2, while I was [...]


Minimalist Photography – Ipperwash #2

Ipperwash #2, Minimalist Photograph We’ve again been wooed by the beauty of Ipperwash. Soft sand [...]

Landscape Photography – It Rained in Kettle Point

Luckily we had a fantastic run of seascape photographs in 2011. I was only out [...]

Bayfield Landscape Photograph – Lake Huron #1

Lake Huron #1, Peaceful Seascape Photograph One evening a few weeks ago Darren and I [...]


day 2 of beach photography in grand bend

Remember last fall I went out to photograph the Grand Bend shoreline only to discover [...]

kettle point, day 2

Kettle Point #1, work in progress Monday, November 9th, 2009 Today’s early morning shoot out [...]


kettle point, day 1

Ipperwash #1, 2009 Hi Everyone! Here’s a quick update about what we’ve been up to: [...]