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Dreaming of warm weather, the sun on my face, long evenings on the beach, and [...]

2014 Wall Calendars

We have 2014 wall calendars! I’ve already shared with you our Toronto, Pelee, and Landscape [...]

Giveaway – Pelee Island 2014 Calendar

Remember a couple weeks ago when we told you about our Pelee Island 2014 Calendars? They’re [...]

Pelee Island Lighthouse

I can almost smell the sea. Or a giant lake that looks like the sea [...]

2014 Pelee Island Calendar

On Monday I told you about our Toronto Calendar but we’ve also whipped up a [...]


She and He

Near the Pelee Island lighthouse there’s a beautiful pebble beach that looks out to the [...]

Pelee Rhythm

When we got home from Pelee Island this summer one of the things I noticed [...]

Walking Meditation

Black and white seascape photograph of the southern tip of Pelee Island, the most southern inhabited [...]



Waves washing itty bitty shells up onto the sandy beach of Pelee Island.

Minimalist Photography – Ashore

The beaches of Pelee Island are wonderfully quiet and filled with little treasures.

Vacation Photos – Pelee Island

When we first started telling everyone that we were going to Pelee Island for four [...]


Travel Photography – Pelee Island Winery

Pelee Sun, Travel Photography We were very lucky last week to spend some time at [...]


September 2013 Calendar

We’re back from an amazing holiday on Pelee Island! I spent all morning putting together [...]