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6 Tips for a Simple Christmas

It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the holidays then the [...]

Simple Living Gift Guide

It’s so freeing not buying Christmas gifts for other adults! We’re not busy every weekend [...]

A Simple Christmas – Christmas Lights Drive 2013

Every year Darren and I drive around London to look at Christmas lights. Not just [...]


Scarves for All

I’ve been thinking about scarves on ceramic animals since I started thinking about DIY Christmas [...]

A Simple Christmas – How to Simplify Your Christmas

Elder, Winter Tree Landscape Photography We’ve come to the end of our Simple Christmas Series. [...]

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A Simple Christmas – Gifts

Butterscotch Ripple, Winter Landscape Photography We don’t buy gifts. I know. It’s hard to wrap [...]

A Simple Christmas – Family

Tend, Winter Landscape Photography My Mom lives two hours east of us and Darren’s parents [...]

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A Simple Christmas – Feasting

Cornsilk Glaze, Winter Landscape Photography Ok you’ve found our indulgence. This is where things get [...]


A Simple Christmas – Trimmings

Latent Beauty, Winter Landscape Photography I’m not really into doing up our home for Christmas [...]


A Simple Christmas – Christmas Parties

Vanilla Dream, Winter Tree Landscape Photography We definitely do not spread ourselves thin when it [...]


A Simple Christmas – Getting Festive

Elviage Pearl, Winter Landscape Photography This is the time of year that I feel like [...]