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6 Tips for a Simple Christmas

It’s so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the holidays then the [...]

31 Day Meditation Habit

I need to relax. To chill out. To have some regular downtime. As a creative [...]

Simple Living Gift Guide

It’s so freeing not buying Christmas gifts for other adults! We’re not busy every weekend [...]

Worrying is Sometimes a Choice

Over the weekend I was “late” for an event. Well, I wasn’t exactly late, I [...]

Lazy Mornings

When Darren and I were camping on the weekend I had a bit of a [...]

A Story About Camping

We went camping last weekend. And I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal [...]


Make Juice with your Blender

We’re smoothie people. I know. It shocks me too. Before we became smoothie people I [...]

Simple Ideas for Valentine’s Day

We’ve talked about how we keep things simple at Christmas and with Valentine’s Day fast [...]

Why I Put My Inbox on a Diet

{Look out, this one’s bound to be a bit lengthy…} Let’s just dive in. I [...]

Half Speed

When I just can’t shake the stress from a recently completed project I like to [...]

Simple Living – Love

We have a busy life. We run a photography studio. Darren works full time and [...]


Simple Living – Unwinding on The Bruce Trail

Part of what made our trip to Collingwood extra relaxing was that we made a [...]


Scandinave Spa – Relax to the Max

Two weeks ago was our five year anniversary so last week we took a three-day [...]