The Other Side of the Camera

Jennifer Squires Ross Head Shot

Jennifer Squires Ross Head Shot

I always think that because I’m a photographer I can do my own portraits for our website. Do carpenters let other people work on their own homes? Hells no. So why shouldn’t I be doing my own portraits? Because it’s more than just positioning and snapping the shutter. Expressions need to be elicited, eyes need to be brightened, and tilting the head an inch can make all the difference. It’s not that I don’t love my current portrait, I just felt it was getting to be time that I update it. So I enlisted the help of Sandra Dufton to make my head shots.

Jennifer Squires Ross Portrait Jennifer Squires Ross Photograph

And I’m smitten with my new photographs! After seeing the results of my session I know I’ll never be seriously considering doing my own portraits again. Not only was Sandy super speedy, getting way more variety than I ever could have in that amount of time, but she has an eye for seeing the beauty in people that they don’t see in themselves. And as a result I have a lovely collection of head shots that I plan to use throughout our site as things are tweaked in the coming months.

Jennifer Squires Ross Picture

To other photographers – It really is eye-opening being on the other side of the camera, I highly recommend it once in a while.

Sandy – Thank you so much for these fun portraits! You’re fantastic at what you do and you clearly LOVE  your job!

And to all our readers – I’d love to hear which are your favourites!

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