the real smell of clean


Yeah!  It’s clothesline season again!  I’m so excited!  We can practically unplug the clothes dryer at our house because we now hang almost everything to dry.  And now that warmer weather is here it can all go outside.  Nothing smells fresher than sheets that have been line dried on a breezy day, plus I have all my best sleeps that first night after the bedding has been hung out.

Two winters ago we bought a clothes rack so that we could still hang our clothes to dry in the colder weather, during those months the only thing that goes in the dryer are sheets and large towels.  We noticed an immediate drop in our hydro bill of 10%!  Isn’t that crazy?  We were spending $8-10 a month just to operate the dryer!  It also means no more lint traps to empty, no more dryer sheets, and best of all no more fake field scents!

Still not convinced that hanging your clothes to dry is the way to go?  Head over to Project Laundry List to read more advantages to hanging your laundry to dry.

1 thoughts on “the real smell of clean

  1. lisa/parallelbotany says:

    I’m so jealous. I long to have a clothesline! I have a little drying rack that I try to use as much as possible, but it’s just not the same.
    (Also, I think air drying is better for clothes than using a hot dryer)
    I remember reading in an article maybe a year ago that some housing developments had by-laws banning outdoor clotheslines because people thought they made neighborhoods “look bad,” (ie “poor”), but that some strata councils were finally doing away with those rules because of rising energy costs and envornmental concerns.

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