greece-180Stuffed tomatoes, calamari rings, and lemon soda on Santorini

Actually we didn’t get this food on the island of Santorini.  We took a little boat/volcano tour that stopped on the island of Thirasia for lunch where we ate at a place called Captain John’s.  We had really yummy tomatoes stuffed with rice and tasty fried calamari that were bigger than we’d ever seen – the size of bracelets! I squeezed fresh lemon juice all over them. The lemons there are divine…

We ordered a lemon soda to drink; we’re not pop people but this ended up being our drink of choice during our stay. It’s quite refreshing and more of a carbonated lemonade than a soda.

We also learnt that when they put fresh bread on the table it’s not complimentary like it is here in Canada.  If you eat it they add it to your bill.

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