Top 5 Landscape Photographs to Relax with This Winter

Tree Art for Walls - Elviage Pearl

I love to dig deep this time of year, and I’m not just talking about snow.

When the weather turns cold and blustery, and the days are short, I put aside all my big projects and take lots of time to look inward. Nothing makes me happier than cuddling on the couch with Darren, Kitty, a down blanket, a hot chocolate, and a great book.

I stop jogging and I practice more yoga.

Home projects wind down and baking and crafts ramp up.

And I rest. I go to bed early and I get lots of sleep.

So I thought now would be a great time to share my top 5 landscape photographs to help you relax this winter…


Vanilla Dream

Winter Landscape Photography - Vanilla Dream - Black and White Tree



Where the Wild Things Are

Winter Landscape Photo - Where The Wild Things Are



Elviage Pearl

Tree Art for Walls - Elviage Pearl



Coyote in the Woods

Large Abstract Wall Art - Coyote in the Woods



Frosty Fields

Winter Scene Photo - Frosty Fields

Top 5 Landscape Photographs to Relax with This Winter

How do you like to find rest and relaxation during the winter months? What are the little things you do regularly to find ease when it’s too cold to go outside?


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