Toronto Architecture, Old and New

Urban Photography - Inspired Care
Toronto Travel Photography - On Your Doorstep
On Your Doorstep, Toronto Travel Photograph
Toronto Travel Photography - Morning Cafe
Morning Cafe, Toronto Travel Photograph
Urban Photography - New Wave
New Wave, Urban Photograph
Urban Photography - Inspired Care
Inspired Care, Urban Photograph

I was born in Toronto. My family lived there until I was six. In my late teens I flirted with moving there, bored of living in the country. I was back in the city from 2001 to 2005 working with Matthew Plexman, an amazing lifestyle photographer, and it almost seems like a lifetime ago.

Now I’m in London (Canada) but I do find myself in T-dot several times a year photographing and I always marvel at the architecture. Just like everything else in the city, it’s so diverse, ever changing. I had my Dad come into the studio one day when I was still there and as soon as he walked in the door he said “I remember when you used to be able to see the lake from the Lakeshore“. And when I was there in September I found myself saying the same thing.


Edit – Eeeeek! I almost forgot to announce the winner of our 2014 Landscape Calendar giveaway. Congratulations are in order for Joni!

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