Toronto Landscape – Lake Ontario #2 + #3

Lake Ontario #3, Toronto Seascape Photograph

Lake Ontario #3, Toronto Seascape Photograph

Lake Ontario #3, Toronto Landscape Photograph

Recently some members of our Facebook Community suggested that we check out some spots in The Beaches in Toronto. Well, in June, the opportunity finally presented itself and I was able to take a few days to travel to Toronto purely to make photographs. Such a wonderful trip! I couldn’t have done it without Carren, whom I met ten years ago working at iPIX. She shared her home and her couch with me for my three day visit, and for that I am extremely beholden. Thank you Carren!

Map of Ontario, London to Toronto

Toronto, approximately two and a half hours northeast of London, Ontario

The Beaches is an area in Toronto located just to the east of downtown and it features a beautiful, long sandy beach and a charming little community. There’s a boardwalk that runs from one end of the beach to the other and a dog park where puppies splashed in the water. It was wonderful to see so many people out unwinding by the lake at the end of the day.

I have to admit, I was a little uncertain about being away for three days making photographs in an area that I wasn’t entirely familiar with. So before I left I did some research and drew out a loose schedule of the spots that I wanted to visit and the scenes I wanted to photograph. The very first evening I was there, after a sushi dinner with my friend Danielle, I made my first photograph of my trip. According to my pre-production I was to photograph along one of the piers, running perpendicular to the beach, just after sunset as the day was turning into night.

Lake Ontario #2, Toronto Seascape Photograph

Lake Ontario #2, Toronto Landscape Photograph

I got there nice and early and I was set up and ready to make my photograph long before I knew the time would be right. As I stood on the pier, staring out across the beautiful water, I saw the beginnings of a bright rainbow forming in the east. Slowly but surely it grew and grew, arching across the sky. What a wonderful sight! And then something I could have never predicted happened, the rainbow arched back downwards right in line with the end of the pier I was perched on! I kid you not!

It was at that very moment that I realized that we make our own luck. If I hadn’t planned to be out on that beach, ready to make minimalist photograph Lake Ontario #2, then I would never have had the opportunity to make Lake Ontario #3. Even if I lived in the area, and I saw the rainbow in it’s early stages, I could not have gotten out there in time to make that photograph.

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2 thoughts on “Toronto Landscape – Lake Ontario #2 + #3

  1. sylvia says:

    both are stunning images in their own right, jen.

    there’s something to be said for luck. when i was in prague, had i gone to that monastery the night before as i’d planned, i would have never met that monk and who showed me the order’s 14th century monastic library. i may never again have that sort of wonderful opportunity to photograph such a beautiful space which so few people ever get to see.

    that being said, luck probably had less to do with his speaking polish and not having anyone show up to confession; after all, it was the czech republic 😉

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