Toronto’s Skyline

Toronto Skyline Photograph - Toronto at Night
Toronto Skyline Photograph - Toronto at Night
Toronto at Night, Toronto Skyline Photograph

We’ve already shared a not so sneaky-peek of some photographs from my recent trip to Toronto but there’s a few of them I’d like to highlight and get your opinion on. Namely, the skyline images. What makes the Toronto skyline for you? Do you love seeing photographs from different vantage points? Is it all about incorporating the lake? Is the CN Tower a must have? What about the Skydome Rogers Centre? In my heart it will always be the Skydome…

Toronto Skyline Photograph - The Emerald City
The Emerald City, Toronto Skyline Photograph
Toronto Skyline Photograph - Toronto at Dawn
Toronto at Dawn, Toronto Skyline Photograph

For me the iconic Toronto skyline photograph needs to have the CN Tower, Skydome, and the lake, which is getting harder and harder to do with all the lakefront development. The image I really wanted to make was Toronto at Night, but with more lovely reflections in the water – that just wasn’t happening because it was such a hazy evening. Though I am partial to The Emerald City because there’s something whimsical about it. Which image is your favourite? What do you like to see in the skyline?

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