tulip tree


I love tulip trees!  That’s Liriodendron tulipifera for those of you scientific types.  I’d have to say that this is my favourite flowering tree, it has these really great leaves that are big and remind me of a maple but with only four points, and the flowers are greenish yellow with a pop of orange.

I first found out about this tree when my neighbour brought me a flower from one she had seen a several blocks from our house.  I was instantly intrigued!  So I searched good ole google and discovered that it is actually native to our area, yippee!  Then when I was at the native plant sale recently they had one there that they were selling – jackpot!  So I rushed home to scope out the perfect place in our yard to house such a beauty.  I checked online only to discover that these trees get HUGE!  One hundred and fifty feet or more!  With all the trees in our yard we definitely don’t have room for that, so I’m sorry to say that no tulip trees were purchased.

I did find out though, that these trees are fairly easy to start from seed, which ripen in the fall.  So I’ve made a special note in my calendar to try and harvest some seeds from the tulip tree near my home and see if I can grow my own.  Perhaps I’ll plant it at my Mother’s house, we’ll see.

What’s your favourite flowering tree?

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