A Comfortable Bed for Two

Two Duvets on One Bed - Stylizimo

Two Duvets on One Bed - Stylizimo

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I tossed and turned, pulling and tugging at the blankets trying to get comfortable.

My temperature at night is never right. I’d been awake for a half hour and ultimately the problem was that I was a little chilly and I didn’t want to admit it. I’m always cold. Well, more like cool. I could wear long sleeves for most of the summer and still be perfectly comfortable.

Darren on the other hand is always toasty. Easily overheating and uncomfortable in the summer, and happy to go without a sweater in the winter.

That makes adjusting our bedroom temperature at night a nightmare. On a typical summer eve that isn’t in the midst of a heatwave, I keep the window open but the blinds and curtains shut. I make the bed with linen sheets and a quilted blanket folded at the bottom that we can pull up if we need to, which I almost always do. Tucked away on the floor on my side of the bed, barely hidden from view, is a summer duvet that I can drag up in the night if I’m still chilly.

Winter sees flannel sheets on the bed topped with our super-warm winter duvet and a quilted blanket folded at the bottom of the bed for those really cold nights.

It’s a system that’s worked ok but isn’t without it’s flaws. I often wake up in the night having to adjust the layering of the blankets on my side of the bed, which results in Darren fussing with the blankets on his. And in the summer I have a light duvet waded up on the floor, which doesn’t have the greatest look and I step on it when I get in and out of bed.

So I had this idea for a blog post about how to tidy up that floor blanket. I was going to scour Pinterest for ideas and share inspiring photos of blanket boxes and baskets.

But what ended up happening was that I googled making a bed for two.

Two Duvets on One Bed - Hotel Drottning Kristina

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And now I’m completely enthralled with putting two duvets on our bed. So on our queen size bed we’d put two twin duvets side-by-side, in different weights depending on how warm or cool we each like to sleep. So. Flippin’. Brilliant.

I first heard about it from Wit and Whistle then saw it again on A Cup of Jo, Swiss Lark, and Apartment Therapy. But I wanted to know more. I needed to know more.

Two Duvets on One Bed - Apartment Therapy, Scandic Hotel

{via Apartment Therapy}

Ikea’s queen duvets are 86 x 86 inches and their twin size is 64 x 86 inches. So two twins will leave lots of blanket for everyone. Oh, and for those of you with a king bed, Ikea’s large size is 102 x 86 inches so two twins will still have you covered.

Two Duvets on One Bed - Looks Like White

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We just bought a new winter duvet last year so I hesitate to replace it already, but if I get a better night sleep it will totally be worth it. Plus our queen could always be relocated to the guest room right?

How do you manage different temperatures across your bed? Have you ever slept in a bed that was made up with two side-by-side duvets? Would you consider doing it at home?



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    • Jennifer says:

      I’m really not sure where the dust ruffle is from Karen. If you’re looking at the last photograph, that bedroom belongs to Naja Munthe, a fashion designer in Denmark. You can try googling to see if you can get any other information.

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