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When we first started telling everyone that we were going to Pelee Island for four days the reactions were dour – the weather is terrible, there’s nothing to do there. Well, weather is what it is – how bad could it be? We heard stories of rain and storms. Couldn’t that happen anywhere?

Pelee Island is the most southern inhabited piece of Canadian land and it actually sits south of half of the United States. And as far as there being nothing to do, that’s exactly what we were looking for.

As you saw earlier this week we spent a wonderfully laid back evening at the Pelee Island Winery.

We also went on some amazing walks through the woods at the Fish Point and Lighthouse Point Nature Reserves.

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Darren made an adorable inuksuk on glacial beach. Isn’t he cute?


We searched the shores for shells and beach glass.


And spent plenty of time on the beach.

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Our vacation was wonderfully relaxing and we hope to go back one day soon.

Happy Friday!

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