Valentine’s Day Cards

Lighthearted Valentines Cards - Product Photo
Lighthearted Valentines Cards - Product Photo
Lighthearted Valentines Cards

Relax and rest and enjoy spending time with the people you love, that’s one of my favourite things to do in the depths of winter. Cozy up inside with warming foods and bevies, and mingle with the most wonderful people in my life. But with all the snow we get this time of year leaving home can be back breaking it’s not always easy so sometimes it’s nice to just stay in and write little love notes to those special people to tell them how much I adore them. So we’ve put together these swanky Valentine’s Day Cards to make spreading the love a lavish experience.

They’re a similar format to the Christmas cards we send out to family, friends, and clients every year so if you’re lucky enough to be on our list then you know how glamorous they are. And if you haven’t seen them before then let me tell you all about them.

Pure - Valentine's Day Cards - Product Photo
Pure Valentine’s Day Cards

Our Valentine’s Day Cards are 5×7 inches when folded in half and the image on the cover is printed full bleed, which is just a fancy way of saying it runs right to the edge of the card in all it’s big and beautiful 5×7 inch glory. They’re professionally printed on an iridescent pearl, almost glittery card stock which is what really makes them special – and it’s exactly what will make your loved ones ooh and ahh. Because these deluxe cards are professionally printed they need to be made in batches of 25 which will give you lots of opportunity to tell someone you’re thinking about them now, and throughout the year.

We’ve left them blank inside so you can add your own hand written love notes, but if that sounds like a daunting task we can pre-print them with the warm wishes of your choosing.

Hot - Valentines Day Cards - Product Photo
Hot Valentines Day Cards

Oh, and if you want to have them by Valentine’s Day you’ll need to order your blank cards, or finalize your custom cards by February 3rd if you’re in Canada or the USA. Though I suggest ordering them a bit earlier so you’ve got some time to fill them all in and get them sent out to all those near and dear to you.

What are your favourite ways to tell your family and friends you love them? Do you make them a special treat? Call them on the phone? Or do you prefer to put pen to paper and give them a handwritten note?

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