Love Your Amazing Self

Valentine's Day Self Care - Rudy Francisco Quote

Valentine's Day Self Care - Rudy Francisco Quote

Valentine’s Day is becoming more and more of a loaded holiday.

It’s too commercial.

What will my loved ones think if I don’t participate?

My husband isn’t romantic…

I’m single!

What am I saying to people if I participate? What if I don’t? It’s almost becoming a complex political statement.

But what if instead, we used it as a reason to just celebrate love? A reminder to tell someone we really care about, how much they mean to us. A reason to pamper ourselves in the depths of winter, a time to take care of our souls.

Valentine's Day Self Care - Pema Chodron Quote
Maybe we should think of it as a reminder to look inward for love, instead of relying on others to make us feel special. So for my February wellness day (which won’t actually be on Valentine’s Day), I’m planning to fill my day with loving self care activities. Here’s my brainstorm list so far:

Valentine’s Day Self Care

  • book a massage
  • eat chocolate and read Brené Brown’s Braving the Wilderness
  • practice yoga
  • meditate
  • unplug
  • buy myself some flowers
  • get dressed up in my favourite outfit and either take myself out for a decadent dessert, or bake one up myself
  • maybe, just maybe, buy myself that piece of jewelry that I’ve been lusting after

Don’t forget you this Valentine’s Day. Love yourself so you don’t need someone else to. Treat yourself the way you would treat someone you love.

You are enough, my darling. You are enough.