Wall Art for Your Living Room

Large Abstract Wall Art - Coyote in the Woods by Jennifer Squires
Rainbow Art - Lake Ontario #3
Lake Ontario #3

The secret’s out!

I’ve got the breathtaking wall art for your living room that you’ve been looking for!

While art puts the finishing touches on any room, the living room is one of the most popular rooms my collectors like to showcase their collection.

Let’s be real, we all spend a lot more time on the sofa than we’d like to admit. We relax there after a long day, cozy up there on movie night, and it’s where we like to catch up with family and friends.

Art you love has the ability to make you feel the way you want to feel and, if it’s the right size, it really does make your room feel finished. Plus the living room is one of the easiest spaces to add art to!

If you’re looking for inspiration, keep scrolling to see 7 of my favourite spots collectors have added my prints to their living rooms, from large to small.

  • Large print above the sofa
  • Collection of smaller prints above the sofa
  • Above the fireplace
  • On an accent wall
  • Over a side table
  • Leaning art on a console table
  • In a mixed media gallery wall

Large Print Above the Sofa

Large Abstract Wall Art - Coyote in the Woods by Jennifer Squires
Coyote in the Woods

When I think of all the places you can hang art in your living room, above the sofa is always at the top of the list. There’s actually a few options here – you can go with one large horizontal (above) or you can do a gallery wall (below), which is a great idea if you want to display your favourite vertical prints.

Coyote in the Woods is fresh and timeless with a subtle turquoise tone, and can easily be custom cropped into a long horizontal for a perfect fit. See it up close here.

Collection of Smaller Prints Above the Sofa

Coastal Ocean Wall Art - Soothing Blue Waves
Chantal Strolls Along the Shore, Spring Shore, and Trinity’s Triumph

Sarah had her eye on three vertical photographs for above her sofa, Chantal Strolls Along the Shore, Spring Shore, and Trinity’s Triumph. To add interest, and create a gallery wall that was perfectly sized for above her love seat she chose to use two different sizes, a medium size print in the centre with a smaller print on the left and right.

Above the Fireplace

Tropical Beach Sunset Photo - Jenna's Journey
Jenna’s Journey

These days most people opt for a tv above the fireplace, but I love when a relaxing image becomes the focal point, tying the whole room together. The soft pastel tones of Jenna’s Journey are a lovely complement to this white on white living room. See it up close here.

On An Accent Wall

Beach Sunrise Image - Anna the Early Riser
Anna the Early Riser

Accent walls are such a fun spot to hang a nice big piece of art. They’re like a blank canvas in and of themselves. Anna the Early Riser adds a pop of colour to this mid-century modern living room, and brings a bit of that beach view indoors. See it up close here.

Over a Side Table

Pink Beach Surf Photograph - Washed Her Spirit Clean - Abstract Art
Washed Her Spirit Clean

Give a side table more substance and add inspiration by hanging a perfectly coordinated print above it. I love the way Washed Her Spirit Clean draws your eye up the wall giving this space height, while the soft neutral tones add a splash of the beach. See it up close here.

Leaning art on a Console Table

Modern Beach Decor - Spring Shore - Relaxing Wall Art for your Coastal Cottage
Sandy and Spring Shore

You can’t go wrong displaying Sandy with Spring Shore. In fact, they’re one of my most popular pairings! Plus it doesn’t get much easier than leaning the two on a console table. It lends a casual, comfortable, yet stylish vibe while the layering gives them a designer look.

In a Mixed Media Gallery Wall

Beach Dreams - Lake Huron Water Picture
Beach Dreams

Natalie’s non-traditional gallery wall is a fun example of mixing different types of wall decor and textures to add personality to a corner of a living room. Beach Dreams really brings out the coastal feeling to this nook. Each of these pieces would be too small for this section of wall, but grouping them all together creates a larger, perfectly sized collection. See it up close here.

I can’t wait to send you new wall art for your living room!

Head to my shop to choose the perfect piece!

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    • Jennifer says:

      Pam, I sooo wish I had prints of British Columbia! I haven’t been there, save for the one hour in which we crossed the border on our Banff trip 😉 Now Banff images I have a lot of. And beaches in Ontario. Would either of those work?

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