water at the ready


How is everyone?  So we have this jug at our house that sits on the kitchen counter.  I guess it’s more of an ewer really.  Anyways, we keep this vessel close to the sink and we fill it with clean water that would otherwise be discarded throughout the day, which is mostly the dribbles that remain in the bottom of the kettle after making tea.  Then, when we need to, say, water a plant or soak a pot that has baked on grease, we can use water that would have otherwise gone down the drain.  I know it’s not a huge amount of savings sometimes, but it feels really good to do it and it makes me more aware of how much water we needlessly let go down the tubes. What are some of the simple things that you do to try to conserve water? We’re coming up on a long weekend here in Canada: Victoria Day, the long weekend that kicks off summer!  So I’ll see you Tuesday!  Hope your next few days are fabulous! (image: Jennifer Squires Ross)

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