we ordered everything, sort of


We wanted to check out a restaurant called Ephessus while we were on the island of Paros so we thought we’d pop by for lunch on our first day there. We were greeted by the owner who told us we’d be better to go some place else for lunch and come back to his restaurant for dinner. So lunch ended up being gyros and souvlaki at the port.


When dinner time rolled around we were again greeted at the door of Ephessus by the owner, who took us into the kitchen to show us what he was making that evening. Let me tell you, deciding what to order was a big decision, everything looked and sounded so good! So guess what we did? We ordered everything! Well sort of. He had a dish on the menu called a mezze platter which was a little taste of most of the traditional meals he serves. It was a huge mountain of food, perfect for a long evening of sharing and relaxing.

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