what to do with all of my recipes…


My recipe collection is out of control! What’s a girl to do? Currently my recipes are in a quite rough looking three ring binder that is bursting at the seams. I’m thinking about downsizing to handwritten recipe cards in a box.  I’m trying to simplify and inject an heirloom quality at the same time. Perhaps recipes that I get from magazines that I want to try will stay in the binder until I decide if they’re in or out and I’ve put my own spin on them, then they’ll be moved to the recipe box.

Here are some ideas that I’m considering:

  1. Letterpress Recipe Cards and Recipe Box {1canoe2}
  2. Address File {lovelydesign} – I know this isn’t a recipe box but I love the idea and I think I could modify it
  3. Borders Recipe Cards {Whisker Graphics}
  4. Canning Diagram Moleskin Journal {Girls Can Tell}
  5. Favorite Recipe Reference Notebook {Using Talents For Him}
  6. Jumbo Personalized Recipe Card {VO Handmade}
  7. Personalized Monogram Recipe Cards {Paisley Prints Etc}

How do you manage your recipe collection?

4 thoughts on “what to do with all of my recipes…

  1. lisa h. says:

    I don’t have a ton of recipes, so I do ok with keeping them in a 3-ring. I print them out, then put them in plastic page protectors.
    Of the cards you listed, I really like #3 because it comes as an editable .pdf file, so you can actually type up your recipes, rather than trying to make your handwriting really small and neat to fit on a card (although hand-written cards have their own appeal, too). I also like the idea of buying a pdf instead of a set of printed cards because you can print as many as you need.

  2. fresh365 says:

    This is why I started a blog- now I can just enter in the search term! Other than that I have a pile of magazine tearouts and a lot of categorized bookmarks.

    • jennifer says:

      I’ve found many great recipes on your blog and I often use the search function there too, now I just need to organize the rest of my food notes…

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