Where to Hang Vertical Art Prints

Ocean Wall Art - Chantal Strolls Along the Shore

Ocean Wall Art - Chantal Strolls Along the Shore

If you’ve been scrolling through my shop you’ve probably noticed, the bulk of my photographs are vertical. That’s just the way I naturally see the world. But vertical art may not fit as naturally into our homes as horizontal does.

When you see a horizontal print you love it’s easy enough to imagine it above a sofa, bed, or credenza. Vertical pieces fit in a lot of places too, sometimes we just need some inspiration for what to do with it.

Whether you style is coastal, modern, or contemporary, here’s a few ideas for where to hang vertical art prints…


Above a Fireplace


Vanilla Dream - Winter Landscape Photography

Swap out your tv and put a nice big piece of vertical art above your fireplace. Just make sure that your art is either under glass or coated for protection against discolouration if yours is the type of hearth that emits a bit of smoke now and again.



On An Accent Wall


Beach Sunrise Image - Anna the Early Riser

Got a bare wall void of furniture, windows or doors? Or even better, an accent wall that adds a gorgeous design element to your home, but it just seems a tiny bit ho-hum? That’s the perfect place for a large vertical print! The contrasting colour or texture will really help to highlight your artwork and vice versa.



At The End of A Hallway or Passageway


Down by the Lake - Impressionist Art Beach Photograph

To me this spot just screams, hang an oversized piece of art on here! It’s great because you can really stand back and take in the whole piece, plus it can add a pop of colour to an otherwise drab or even dark area.



That Awkward Narrow Wall


Abstract Beach Art - Steamy - Living Room

Make that spot a little less awkward and a lot more intentional by hanging a mid-size vertical piece on it. It may not seem like much, but it will totally make your room look a lot more finished.



Over A Bench


Ultra Modern Interior Design - Art

Benches are super handy whether in an entryway, hallway, bedroom, or living room. A quick place to stop and sit a minute, or linger with a book. Plus they’re a great way to anchor a large piece of art. Just remember to consider how the bench will actually be used and hang your artwork at an appropriate height. Lower if it’s a quick place to tie your shoes, higher if it’s the kind of spot you’ll get comfy in and maybe lean up against the wall.



Next To An Armchair


She Danced Among The Morning Tide - Pretty Beach House Decor

Speaking of cuddling up with a book, another great place for vertical art is next to an armchair. A medium to large piece will fill in the gap on the wall nicely, plus it will add some inspiration to a spot reserved for daydreaming.



Above A Side Table


Ocean Beach Decor - Allison's Smile

This is my favourite place to hang vertical prints, second only to an accent wall. End tables and nightstands are pretty much meant for vertical pieces. You’ll want to use something that’s small to medium in size, big enough that you can see it if there’s a table lamp, but not so big that it overwhelms the table itself.



Over A Dresser or Credenza


Modern Girl's Room Decor // Sophia // Jennifer Squires

Dressers, credenzas, sideboards, and buffet tables are easy places to put art. You can make it even easier by not hanging it and instead leaning it up against the wall, which is great for those of you who like to swap things around seasonally. Plus you can layer a couple of pieces together for an artful casual look.



On A Wide Wall


Blush Bedroom Wall Art

If you’ve fallen in love with some vertical prints but only have horizontal wall space to hang them on (think: above a sofa, bed, or long table), then group a few of them together! They don’t even need to be the same size (though it’s easier if they are) and the frame styles don’t need to be identical (but it’s a great place to start). Put them all in a row and treat your new gallery wall as one big piece of art in terms of sizing and hanging height.

Now that you’ve filled your brain with all kinds of vertical art hanging inspiration, head to my shop and pick out your favourites. Or click on any of the photos above to be taken directly to those images.

Where do you hang vertical prints in your home? Someplace I’ve touched on here? Or did I miss something? What are your questions about where to hang art? Leave them in the comments section below, who knows, maybe they’ll spark another article!






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