Winter Notebooks

2020 Winter Notebooks
2020 Winter Notebooks

I’m a notebook addict. There. I said it.

This time of year always has me organizing and planning. In part because I just had my birthday so it feels like a new year. But also because it’s back to school, it’s so deeply engrained from three years of photography school plus the fifteen years of elementary and high school.

My love for office supplies is probably why I’m so excited to share my newest creation in my shop: Notebooks!

(I know. That would have been a lot more dramatic if I hadn’t mentioned it in the title…)

Each of the three notebooks featuring a different wintery photograph. There’s Indigo Escape (an abstract), Vanilla Dream (a winter tree), and The Mountains Whispered Good Morning (you guessed it, it’s a mountain).

The Mountains Whispered Good Morning Notebook
Vanilla Dream Notebook
Indigo Escape Notebook

They’re my favourite size (5 x 8 1/4 inches), they’re soft cover (because I find them easier to stick in my bag), and they’re filled with lined creamy white paper (even though I prefer graph paper – if you do too let me know in the comments!).

Notebooks are available for a limited time, with a new collection every four months. Get yours in my shop >

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