Decorate with Yellow Kitchen Accents

Yellow Kitchen Accents for the Modern Coastal Home


1 – Mod Wall Hooks / 2 – KitchenAid Stand Mixer / 3 – Inspiration from Sklar Design / 4 – Curtain Call Abstract Canvas Wall Art / 5 – Chevron Dish Towels / 6 – Mason Jar Utensil Holder / 7 – Yellow Dip Mixing Bowl

Who doesn’t love a yellow kitchen? I grew up in a yellow kitchen and when we bought our house, the kitchen was the first thing we painted, and of course, it’s yellow. That was 10 years ago and now it’s passed it’s prime. But a yellow kitchen doesn’t need to be a yellow kitchen, you can keep it primarily whites, soft grays, and other light neutrals and just add in little pops of color for personality. Or you could even carry your coastal them into the kitchen with pale blues and turquoises and add a dash of complimentary yellow kitchen accents.