Harmonious Hues

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Enter a whimsical daydream with my captivating Harmonious Hues image, a portal to the classical world of Nyhavn in Denmark. This Copenhagen horizontal art print depicts a mesmerizing scene of side-by-side connected buildings, each adorned in a delightful array of soft pastel colours.

Prints are ready to ship in 5-10 business days.
Copenhagen Horizontal Art Print

A gentle palette of yellow, blue, and pink dances harmoniously against the backdrop of terracotta rooftops and a pale sky, offering a delicate contrast to ignite your imagination.

The bottom edge of the fine art photography print is lovingly blurred, accentuating the iconic style of the buildings and picturesque scene. Picture yourself strolling through this cherished waterfront, where locals and tourists alike find joy in its timeless beauty.

Let its soothing and wondrous aura transport you to the vibrant streets of Nyhavn, where every step unveils new wonders and endless possibilities.

  • Decorate any space with this artful & inspiring retreat, though I particularly like it in an office or dining room
  • Invite the vibrancy of Nyhavn into your home
  • Photographed at Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Open edition prints keep my photographs affordable
  • Images are UNMATTED and UNFRAMED so you can choose the perfect combination for your stylish space
  • Photographs are professionally printed to make the very best images possible
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Printing Details
Your photograph will be professionally giclee printed on a gorgeous matte paper to make the very best image possible. That means it will be made using an archival inkjet printer on paper that maintains a lovely depth to the tones.
I currently do not offer framing because I'm unable to find a framer who can safely print, frame, and ship my photographs within Canada and The USA. For tips on where to buy frames click here >
Custom Sizes
Got the perfect spot for some soothing art but can't find something that fits just right? Custom sizes are available up to 43 inches on the narrow side of the print. Email me at jennifer@jennifersquires.ca with all the details to have a print made just for you.