Large Photographs on Display

Add colour to a neutral room by displaying a large photograph. {Image via Lonny Magazine}

I love the bold look of large photographs in a home, but maybe I have a bias. We’ve been thinking about changing things up with our current living room art and this might be exactly what we’re looking for. What are some reasons to hang large photographs?

  • to create a focal point when a room otherwise doesn’t have one
  • to use as a starting point for your room’s colour scheme
  • easily make a bold statement about you passions and decor

And as Ikea says, “Go for one large image. Hanging a large print is an easy way to make an impressive statement. It makes your space seem bigger and the subject matter you choose rubs off on the whole room.”

Triptychs are a fun way to display a large piece. If one photograph is just a bit to small for the space, three separate frames can be used to fill a larger area. {Image via The Cross Design}


The water in this photograph easily changes the tone of the room from modern country cottage to beach house. {Image via House Beautiful}


Add a focal point to a dining room with a large piece of art. I could stare at this piece all through dinner. {Image via Elle Decor}


Compliment modern grandeur with panoramic art. {Image via my very good friend Matthew Plexman}


Large photographs don’t need to hang centred above furniture, as long as they fit their space they’ll look great. This big piece adds a lot of fun and pizzazz to this quiet living room. {Image via Lonny}


A calming water scene, what a beautiful way to wake up in the morning. {Image via A Cup of Jo}


Bathrooms sometimes have large empty walls, perfect for art. {Image via Lonny}


I can see myself curling up in this chair with a book and daydreaming that I’m on the beach. {Image via Apartment Therapy}


Use oversized photographs to grab attention and add personality to a room. {Image via Schuchart/Dow}


Put a tall narrow photograph in an awkward, vertical space. They could have placed a floor lamp here but this art makes a much bigger impact. {Image via Apartment Therapy}


Larger than life portrait in the dining room, such a fun way to display family images. {Image via Canadian House & Home}


A large photograph in a small bedroom? Oh, yes. {Image via Apartment Therapy}


See how they’ve pulled colour from this oversized photograph to use as accents in the room? An easy colour scheme. {Image via Slettvoll}


Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy has a huge photograph on display in her kitchen. {Image via Elle Decor}


Use one large piece of art to create beautiful symmetry in a dining room. {Image via Artistic Designs for Living}

So what do you think? Do you like the look of large photographs? Do you have any oversized pieces in your home? What do you like about it? Dislike? Do you want to make a bold statement with art like this but something is stopping you? Where are your favourite places for huge photographs?

7 thoughts on “Large Photographs on Display

  1. Catherine says:

    I love this post! I am a fanatic about using large art or photographs. I think photography and art make the room – they are the statement about the person who lives there. I am really enjoying reading your blog, Jennifer.

    • Jennifer says:

      I definitely agree! And large art says that the owner is bold, proud, and confident, while the subject matter speaks to the person’s interests. Glad to hear you’re enjoying our blog, stop by any time!

  2. Michelle says:

    Just ordered a 3’x4′ canvas of one of my vacation pics of some old mining equipment. I was nervous hitting the “confirm” button but I think it’s going to look fabulous in our dining area! The colors go with our decor, we live in an area with lots of mining history & my husband is a gold miner. Go big or go home I guess! I have that room with the horse pic saved on a design site so I am loving your style. Glad I stumbled on to your blog!

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