Art Size for Above the Bed

Art Size for Above the Bed
Art Size for Above the Bed

We get a ton of emails from clients asking what size art is most appropriate to hang above a bed. There’s a lot of factors to consider – bed size, ceiling height, headboard height, if there’s lighting above the bed, etc. Ultimately it boils down to personal preference and because I know it can be hard figuring out where to start when cutting out paper to see what you like best, I thought I’d give you a starting point.

The bed shown above is a double so it measures 54 inches across. The left column simulates what it would be like if you were to hang the photograph without a mat, say, if it was a stretched canvas or had some other sort of flush mounting. The column on the right shows pieces in standard size frames with mats that are readily available at photo labs and art stores, though frames larger 20 x 24 can be harder to find. Framing can be a good way to make a smaller piece of art look larger, plus it can add a finished look and a nice architectural detail to the space.  

Favourite Beach Art for Above the Bed

Coastal Wall Art - Sandy - Soothing Beach Photography
Sailing Lake Huron, Horizontal - Minimalist Sailing Art Print
Modern Photography - Ipperwash #1
Sunset Oasis, Horizontal - Lake Huron Dusk Beach Print
Tropical Beach Sunset Photo - Jenna's Journey - Coastal Home Decor

Favourite Landscape Prints for Above the Bed

Reflecting at Lake Louise, Horizontal - Lake Louise Mountain Picture
Winter Landscape Photo - Where the Wild Things Are - Tree Wall Art

Favourite Travel Photograph for Above the Bed

Bloemenmarkt Canal Houses - Framed Amsterdam Canal Houses Photo

Favourite Abstract Art for Above the Bed

Abstract Landscape Art - Indigo Escape
Large Abstract Wall Art - Coyote in the Woods

So what size art do you like for above a bed? Do you prefer matted pieces or unmatted? Are there other areas of your home that you’re struggling with art sizes? Maybe above a couch or chair?

Psst… Find more art size ideas here, including above a queen and king bed.


48 thoughts on “Art Size for Above the Bed

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  2. Cait says:

    This was so helpful! I looked on so many sites for this information, before finally stumbling on this site! Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m so happy you found this useful Cait! If you have any questions, or if there’s anything else you’re wondering about just ask. Maybe I could make a resource out of it for everyone else!

  3. Jan Maria says:

    I would love to see something like this as it pertains to a couch. I have a new home and the couch I will be using in the living room is 86 inches. The ceilings are Cathedral and I’m told I need a large picture. I am still not sure how large is large but I am hoping for something dramatic. Any suggestions?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Trisha! I think a king size bed is 76 inches so that’s as wide as I’d go with my frame, though you could stand to go less. A 60 inch wide print could look quite eye catching, or if there’s a few vertical images you like you could always do a set of two or three in their own matching frames. Take your ceiling height into consideration too, if you have a tall headboard you’ll have less space above it.

  4. TIM SWANKY says:

    Jennifer, HI..I just now bumped into your website, like what you are doing. But really like the bed with the different size photo’s above it. I am curious if I could use that as a part of my etsy site. I am in the process of redoing the site, and trying to show people what a print size looks like in real life is tough. This is one of the best examples of showing things I have found to date.
    I would like to use yours in conjunction with. On its own page, another entry sort of.
    Do you think this is doable. Would be awesome. I would be more than happy to credit you with the idea on the page it is on. No worries. If you require more, we can talk. Let me know. Thanks tons and keep up the amazing work. tim swanky

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your kind words about my work! Glad to hear you like my art size graphic, unfortunately I’m unable to share it with you for licensing reasons. It’s pretty easy to make in PhotoShop, you just need a photograph of, say, a bed, then you can scale your images based on the width of the furniture. If you have any other questions, just ask!

    • Kat Lark says:

      IDK if this would be helpful but you can have an adverage sized person (state his/her height and take a picture of them holding the various sized art work or standing next to the artwork while hung on the wall. I saw this on an art website. It was very helpful Witt the process of choosing the size of art I wanted!

  5. Brandy Dunlap says:

    Thank you for the visual. I have a king size bed with poster board. I’m looking to put three canvas prints above but I’m going to order from Shutterfly. What size would you recommend?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Brandy, I think a king size bed is 76 inches wide, but because you have a poster bed I’d definitely double check that. Somewhere in the 20 inch wide range is probably where you should be looking, map it out with painter’s tape to see how you like it. That would leave you four inches between each piece, plus four inches between the posts and the art. What do you think?

  6. Laurie says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    For a king size bed, do you recommend 60 inches in width including the mat and frame? What size print would you recommend?

    Thank you!

  7. Nancy says:

    Hi Jennifer, I have a queen sleigh style headboard…the space between headboard and ceiling is approximately 36″… I was planning on getting this wall canvas called “Dramatic Entrance Chrome” Canvas Art, 45″W x 30″H by Olivia Gal… they have a few sizes down such as 24″H X 36″W…is the larger size too much??

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Nancy, Without seeing the space, I’d think the larger size is too big, with the 24″ high piece being the maximum you should go. Your best bet is to get painters tape and make a 24×36 inch rectangle on the wall and see how you like it.

      Happy decorating!

      PS. You also might find it handy to download my art size worksheet (the link is in the banner above theses comments) to get you started with sizing.

  8. Susan says:

    I have a queen size bed with a low headboard. On either side of it I have small dressers/night stand w drawers, which have pictures over them. My ceilings are 8.5 feet high. I don’t have anything over my bed but am thinking of getting something. Should I not put a picture over my bed because it will look too overcrowded? Should I not have pictures over both of my night stand chests? I currently don’t have a big anything to put over my bed. I would love your suggestions if you would be so kind to give them. Thank you!

    • Jennifer says:

      Patricia, for a square it’s probably going to depend on how much space you have between the top of your headboard and the ceiling. You may end up being happier with a few smaller framed squares, hung side by each, than one larger one.

      Start experimenting by masking off a 40 inch square on your wall with painter’s tape, and live with it for a day or two. You can then adjust as necessary.

      Let me know how it goes!

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    • Jennifer says:

      I think a California king size bed is 72 inches wide and the link that you included is for pieces that are 36 inches wide. That means two of them side-by-each touching each other without a frame will be the width of your bed. I’d have to say it depends on your room and the look you’re going for. It will definitely make a statement, but if your room already has a lot going on, it might be a bit much.

      Your best bet is to use painter’s tape to make rectangles on your wall where you’d plan to hang them, then live with it for a few days and see what you think.

  10. Debbie James says:

    I have a double bed with no headboard my Ceilings are 2.4 metres in height I have a canvas print 90 cm x 120 cm is that to big for a double bed.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’d honestly be tempted to leave that spot above the bed empty. It’s not really a lot of room, plus it’s a bedroom so it could be quite restful to have the open space.

      But if you really want to hang something there, I’d go with something 20-28 inches tall and 45-60 inches wide. A few small verticals could be nice, maybe three 11x14s in 16×20 frames.

      Your best bet is to use some really low tack painter’s tape to make rectangles on your wall in different sizes to see what looks good. Like this, except these days I don’t even use the paper, just taped outlines:

      Here’s some mockups of different width images above a king size bed to get you started:

  11. Diana Skall says:

    Hi Jennifer
    I have a 55” metal headboard and was thinking of getting a piece of artwork for above it. I can have any size made , but I was thinking of 36” wide by 24-26” tall, it’s an average ceiling. It’s canvas, so I can either keep it without a frame, or if I decide to get a frame, I’d just do a very thin satin nickel frame to go with the same color headboard. Will that work? Or your advice please if you think I should do something a different size.

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Diana! I’d start with the sizes shown in this post, you can mask off the area with a bit of low tack painter’s tape to see what you like and what works best in your bedroom. It’s typically suggested that art be 60-80% of the width of the piece of furniture it’s hanging above, frame included. So for your 55″ wide bed that would be 33-44 inches.

  12. Diana Skall says:

    Thank you Jennifer. I was more confused and concerned about the height than the width. I’m thinking 24” may not be long enough. Try hat is what I need most help with. It’s standard 8 ft ceilings.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’d probably start with the standard 60-80% rule for the height too. Measure how much space is between the headboard and the ceiling and consider art that’s within that range. Maybe lean more towards the 60% end and try using painter’s tape to see how it looks.

      Is it one of my canvases you’re looking at? Many of my pieces can be custom cropped to fit your space.

  13. Diana Skall says:

    Thanks Jennifer! I just measured and it was 59” from the headboard to the top of the ceiling. So 60% would be around 35” but I’m thinking maybe I’d be more comfortable doing 36 “ wide by x 30” long. I will look at your artwork, thank you.

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